Kunstenfestivaldesarts Party

    25/05  | 23:00 - 3:00

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Encore une incroyable soirée au Centre du Festival ! Un mélange unique de queer hop, dark-pop, groove et punk.

23:00-01:00 Tarek X & friends (feat. Hot Bodies - Ensemble + The Porn Project)
01:00-03:00 Rokia Bamba (dj set)

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Le même soir, juste à côté :
Espace ouvert à la Free school - The Unbuilt School of Architecture (22:30-01:00)

Tarek X
Blending experimental pop, lo-fi techno and dark ambient, TAREK X gives voices to the minorized bodies, the outcasted, the freaks and shapes with a bended laptop, synths, samplers and vocoders, arousing chants for the queer utopias to come.  
His first record “The many lives of Tarek X” describes in 12 tracks and 2 interludes, his encounter with an ensemble of individuals who use sexuality to heal; a kinky, emotional and daring transformative journey through the XXIst century’s sexual revolutions. 
Tarek takes pictures
Tarek has horns, voices, sisters
Tarek's heart beats hard and fast
Tarek dances like fauns
Tarek sweats, Tarek leaves traces. Tarek is a fucking club faerie

Rokia Bamba
Since she picked up her headphones again, Rokia Bamba's star is rising quickly in Brussels and Paris. She is not DJing in just any circuit, but picks out the activist circles of Globalicious, La Colonie, Massimadi where she curates the whole DJ programming. She has a unique and daring style, mixing acappella with groove and punk and many more genres, a style she developed over the many years since she first cofounded “Full Mix”at Radio Campus, one of the first HipHop, R&B and Funk radioshows (1992). She has been a radiomaker since the age of 12, then a presenter for the Brussels disaspora Radio Campus show “Sous l'Arbre à Palabres”.
Rokia Bamba also works as a composer of artistic sound pieces.

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