FAQ! presents; Vogue Take Ovah™

    18/05  | 23:00 - 5:00

Entrée gratuite

Yessss Queen......... FOR ALL QUEENS! serves you a; Vogue Take Ovah --- The Original!

Together with Kunstenfestivaldesarts we will shake up the room with Queer Icons galore!

From one of Billboard Magazine's most successful dance artists of all times, To the creator of the genre Vogue & ballroom Beatz (who you might know as the producer behind Rupaul's 'Butch Queen' album, and J'lo's 'Tenz' track). To the Dutch Queen of Dancehall,  this star studded line up will shake up the building, and bring authenticity to the table!

OKE....So what can we expect??!?!?!?!

This party will give....we celebrate you, the Queens. It will give; your anti-black, transphobic ass is not wanted. Yes this party will give you a OEEHHH LA LA SENSATION. 

Wait what...but who the fuck is FOR ALL QUEENS!? 

Wowwwwww, calm down babygirl. FOR ALL QUEENS! is collective of Radical Queens, fighting for Radical Change, through events, learning and consultancy.

We are basically here to FAQ! things up in Brussels, Belgium and the worldddd......mwuahhhhahahahah.

Oke...So what can we expect?

This party will give, we celebrate you, the Queens. This party will give, yeah we're legendary club kids and know what is missing in the scene. This party will give; your anti black, transphobic ass is not wanted. Yes this party will give you the total OEEHHH LA LA SENSATION.

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Seven UltraOmni
Kevin Aviance
Vjuan Allure
Capital K'aos 

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