Rachael Moore & Isaiah Lopaz

    25/05  | 12:00 - 18:00


Registrations for this workshop are open again
For Black and other People of Color only
For people interested in sexuality politics
No experience required
Limited capacity
To register, please send us your contact information (e-mail & telephone number) and a short motivation of your specific interest for this project: flore@kfda.be
#safe space #sexual education #BPOC

No discourse is neutral. Activists Rachael Moore and Isaiah Lopaz start from the legacy of sexual education practices to open a workshop on the politics of sexuality, and its consequences, specifically on the black body. The colonial gaze perceived the body as a territory to conquer. Later it transformed into exoticism and the practice of racialization. In an attempt to tackle these abusive points of view, Moore and Lopaz open a reflection and discussion on the possibility of a new sexual education from an intersectional perspective, where race, gender, sexual identity and ability of the body are no longer analysed as autonomous paradigms. 

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