Producers’ Academy 5

    10/05 - 13/05


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Created in 2016 by the International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts (CIFAS), the Producers’ Academy is organised in the frame of Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels.

A group of selected international producers take part in a programme of conferences, workshops and peer-to-peer learning sessions, raising questions about their practice in the international cultural sector nowadays:

  • How do we understand the different contexts of international production? 
  • How do we go beyond the distribution model of touring and develop more meaningful relationships?
  • How do we plan for more inclusion in the field of arts and culture?
  • To what extent can we tackle cross-border and regional financial inequalities?
  • How do we work across borders and cultures, taking into account environmental issues?
  • How do we produce in a world that is turning more and more towards nationalism and  conservatism?
  • How do we combine and balance private and professional realities?

The Producers’ Academy increasingly pays attention to the notion of care, one of the fundamental concepts of feminism, and explores attentive and responsive practices, social and sustainable approaches in order to potentially invent new, adapted and fairer models of governance.

By meeting with experts and practitioners, participants will approach practical aspects of international collaborations — administrative, legal and financial issues — as well as conceptual aspects, questioning innovative production models that reinvent our global cultural landscape.

This year, next to workshops, talks and lectures, meeting sessions with international producers working for artists invited at Kunstenfestivaldesarts will take place.

Confronted with the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, we had to cancel this project

A project by: CIFAS, MoDul, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, On the Move

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