Let it burn

    19/05  | 20:00 - 20:40
    20/05  | 18:00 - 18:40
    21/05  | 18:00 - 18:40
    22/05  | 22:00 - 22:40
    23/05  | 18:00 - 18:40

€16 / €13
40 min

In Let it burn, Marcela Levi, Lucía Russo and Tamires Costa confront the audience with historical and current stereotypes of the bodies of black dancers. By invoking in turn burlesque standards, stand up, show off and even music hall, dancer Tamires Costa shatters and subverts these codes by excessively embodying them: bulging eyes, frenetic dances, smiles deformed to the point of rictus and obvious white teeth reminiscent, among other things, of the practices of blackface in the United States and the performances of Josephine Baker. The references to Nina Simone’s hypnotic and imperious body movements or Michael Jackson’s virtuosity and perfectly judged technical skill also weave a narrative arc through black history. Before the audience, the stage turns into an arena in which Tamires Costa makes herself both the guardian and agent of the claim about the body’s explosive power in response to the domestication of people of African descent in Brazil who are told not to be too visible in public.

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Confronted with the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, we had to cancel this project

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts-Centre Culturel Jacques Franck

A piece by: Marcela Levi, Lucía Russo and Tamires Costa / Improvável Produções
Concept and direction: Marcela Levi and Lucía Russo
Performance: Tamires Costa
Co-creation: Tamires Costa, Ícaro Gaya
Trainees: Taís Almeida and Anne Naukkarinen
Light design: Catalina Fernández
Sound: all the team
Costumes: Levi & Russo
Photography: Paula Kossatz and Marcela Levi
Video documentation: Renato Mangolin
Production: Improvável Produções (BR)
Touring Producer: Something Great (DE)

Supported by: Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro / Secretaria
Municipal de Cultura, Consulado da Argentina no Rio de Janeiro,
Espaço Cultural Sítio Canto da Sabiá, Projeto ENTRE and Bisturi Material Hospitalar

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Improvável Produções
In 2010, choreographers Marcela Levi (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Lucía Russo (Patagonia, Argentina) founded in Rio de Janeiro a space of training, research and creation called Improvável Produções (Improbable Productions). Levi & Russo are committed to a polyphonic direction in which different inventive positions intertwine in a process that embraces deviant lines, dissent and internal differences as a constructive critical force and not as self-exclusive polarities.

Improvável Produções is responsible for the conception, creation and production of the dance pieces Monstrous Nature (2011), Mordedores (2015) - included in the list of the newspaper O Globo as one of the outstanding dance shows in 2015 - ,Iron Mouth ( 2016) - included in the list of the newspaper O Globo as one of the outstanding dance performances in 2018 and nominated for the Cesgranrio Dance Prize in the categories "best choreography" and "best dancer" - , Let it Burn (2017) - included in the list of the newspaper O Globo as one of the outstanding dance performances in 2017 - , HARM-ONY (2019) and the urban intervention Sandwalk with me (2012/13).

Marcela Levi
Marcela Levi is a choreographer and performer. Graduated from the Angel Vianna Dance School (Rio de Janeiro), Levi has been a resident artist at the Art Center Les Recollets (France), at the Artistas en Residencia - Casa Encendida / Aula de Danza Program (Spain), at Espacio Cultural Azala (Spain), at the Laboratório de Criatividade Urbana ON.OFF, Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture (Portugal), guest artist at the Rio Occupation London program, at the London Cultural Olympiad promoted by SEC RJ (London) and received the Batiscafo scholarship (Cuba). Her projects previous to the foundation of Improvável Produções: Image (2002), Mass of Senses (2004) - included as one of the ten best dance works of 2004 in the O Globo newspaper list - , “In-organic” (2007) - included by the English Artsadmin organization in "The top 40 illustrated guide to 2008", cited in the 2008 yearbook of the German magazine Ballettanz and included as one of the ten best dance works of 2007 in the list of Jornal do Brasil - and Around the hole everything is edge (2009) - included among the highlights of dance in 2009 by the specialized critics of the newspaper O Globo, awarded the ZKB Recognition Award / Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Zurich 2010 - were presented at various festivals and art centers in Latin America and Europe. Levi collaborated with the artists Lia Rodrigues, Vera Mantero, Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Laura Erber, Manuel Vason, Cristina Moura, Dani Lima and Gustavo Ciríaco, among others.

Lucía Russo
Lucía Russo is a choreographer and performer that studied at Rojas Cultural Center | University of Buenos Aires and was guest student at the European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem (Netherlands). Since 2000 she dives into the practice of direction in dance field, creating (in Argentina, previous to the foundation of Improvável Produções) the pieces arid or steppe (2004), The silent side of things (2009), Fantasmagoría (2010) and interactive installations DUO (2003) and Sensorama (2006), among other projects, presented in several festivals and art centers in Latin America. Russo was head professor of Choreographic Composition at the University of Arts in Buenos Aires (2007- 2009) and coordinated the project Dialogues: Interchanging creation procedures (2006-2008) in Argentina, Uruguay, Perú, Venezuela and México, in partnership with the Red Sudamericana de Danza. Russo has collaborated, among other artists, with De La Guarda Group, Diego Gil, Gustavo Ciríaco, Javier Bustos and Ayara Hernández & Félix Marchand.  

Tamires Costa
Tamires Costa (Nitéroi, Brazil,1996) is a performer. Graduated at FAETEC Dance Technical Course in 2013. She is now studying for a degree in Dance at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Between 2012 and 2015 she joined the Adolpho Bloch Dance Company and Nikit Dancers Group. Since 2015 she is a member of Improvável Produções, performing and co-creating the pieces Mordedores, Let it Burn and HARM-ONY.


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