27/11  | 20:30

Free entrance upon reservation:

Confronted with the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, we had to cancel this project.

In the frame of News From Home, HOT BODIES - TV invites a group of woodwork and car mechanics students from the St-Joseph institute in Etterbeek: a collaboration that Gérald Kurdian and Kunstenfestivaldesarts initiated in the early month of 2020. Together, and as a final moment of this parcours, they present and unfold an utopian fanzine they have been developing together. A moment of presentation open to the audience, to enforce the mutuality and kinship that lie at the core of HOT BODIES. HOT BODIES - TV is a living archive, created and assembled collectively. At the intersection of artistic creation, social justice and future ecologies, it uses digital means to challenge isolation and trigger conversations between distanced individuals in different European contexts. Conceived by Gérald Kurdian as a multifaceted tv program, it happens through episodes constructed each time around one guest or a group of guests, and it uses online video-sharing platforms to allow community building, while remaining available to a larger audience. One episode after the other, HOT BODIES - TV constructs a growing archive, organised in four “playlists”, according to four eco-feminist activism strategies: occupy, heal, celebrate and transform.

Presentation : Kunstenfestivaldesarts-Kaaitheater in the frame of News from Home

 Concept and performance: Gérald Kurdian & Tarek X
Together with the St-Joseph Institute 7th grade students (Etterbeek): Shendrit Abazaj, Serhan Akin, Hakim Belgharbi, Sherif Ben Chaouch, Miguel Carvalheira Costa, Julien Cocq, Igor De Almeida Oliveira, Nicola De Witte, Ilyas Essabiri, Thaïs Hourt, Soner Sabriev, Vincent Stukkens, Zakaria Taoussi, Thomas Thiry, Alex Trykozko
And their teachers: Marie-Christine Maton and Laurent Gielis 

Production: Tiphaine Gagne / Hot Bodies of the Future, Bandits Mages, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Institut Saint-Joseph

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Gérald Kurdian (1980, lives and works between Paris and Brussels) studied visual arts at the ENSA Paris-Cergy before entering the performance and contemporary dance program Ex.e.r.ce 07 under the direction of Mathilde Monnier and Xavier Le Roy. His oblique concerts inspired by the genres of stand-up comedy, live musical or pop acts are opportunities to invent synergies between electronic music, performance art and documentary practices. They are regularly presented in the contexts of visual arts (Centre Pompidou – Metz, Fondation Cartier – Paris, etc.), indie music (Centquatre – Paris, Nouveau Casino – Paris), or performing arts (Usine C – Montréal, Crossing the Line – New York, Steirischer Herbst – Graz , Kunstenfestivaldesarts – Brussels, etc.). He has also composed radio-pieces with sex workers and music for movies and theater. Now, he develops HOT BODIES OF THE FUTURE !, a performative and musical research cycle on alternative forms of sexualities and queer micro-politics within which he initiates experimental queer healing choir projects and a brand new music project: TAREK X.

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