Federico León & Alternatives théâtrales

    12/05  | 20:30 - 21:30

Free entrance (after the performance)
With: Federico León, Gerardo Salinas, Cecilia Kuska
Moderation and translation: Laurent Berger, Benoît Hennaut
In collaboration with: Alternatives théâtrales 

To mark the presentation of Federico León's latest work Yo escribo. Vos dibujás and the publication of issue 137 of the Alternatives théâtrales magazine entitled Noticias argentinas (“News from Argentina”), the Kunstenfestivaldesarts and the magazine are joining forces in a public discussion that takes a critical look at what is happening in theatre production in Argentina. Starting with Federico León’s work, the discussion will focus on the production context and aesthetics of creation that characterise independent theatre in Buenos Aires today. Its connection with reality will be challenged, specifically in relation to the current tumultuous political and social climate.

See also: Federico León, Yo escribo. Vos dibujás.

With the support of the Argentine Embassy in Belgium.

Federico León (b. 1975) is from Buenos Aires. He has written and directed various theatre plays: Cachetazo de campo (Country Smack), Museo Miguel Ángel Boezzio (The Boezzio Museum), Mil quinientos metros sobre el nivel de Jack (Fifteen Hundred Feet Above Jack’s Level), El Adolescente (The Adolescent), Yo en el Futuro (Me in the Future), and Las Multitudes . He made his first film in 2002, Todo juntos (Everything Together), in which he was also an actor. In 2007, with Marcos Martinez, León wrote and directed his second film, Estrellas (Stars). And then in 2009, his third, Entrenamiento elemental para actores (Elementary training for actors), with Martín Rejtman. In 2014, he made La última película (The Last Movie), a series of interventions at former cinemas since turned into parking lots. He has won various awards for his work, and his plays and films have been shown at theatres and festivals in Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Scotland, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, USA, Japan, and Australia. As a professor of theatre, León has given workshops in Spain, France, Belgium, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Greece, and Argentina. Some of his plays, along with the script of Todo Juntos , and reviews, interviews, and texts about his creative process, were published in the book Registros (Registers). The work of Federico León has been presented at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts many times.

Laurent Berger is a lecturer in theatre studies (Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier) and is also a dramaturge and director.

Cecilia Kuska was born in Buenos Aires, is naturally interested in global matters, intercultural exchange and art in all of its manifestations. She works both as a producer and presenter, running from visual arts to performing arts. She is the Production Manager of CASA festival (London) and international manager of Fernando Rubio. Former as Cultural Programming Director of the Buenos Aires Province, general producer & artistic assistant of FIBA and Faena Festival Buenos Aires.

Benoît Hennaut has written several essays on contemporary Argentine theatre. He is the editorial co-director of Alternatives théâtrales and director of La Cambre.

Gerardo Salinas  set up the Mestizo Arts Festival (MAF) in Antwerp, developing the practice of urban dramaturgy. He is a member of the artistic team at KVS.

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