Zouzou Leyens Monelle Théâtre Les Tanneurs

13, 14, 15, 16/05 > 20:30
17/05 > 18:00
€15/ €10
Meet the artists after the performance on 14/05

In 2004 she created In the Forest is a Monster. Zouzou Leyens is now returning to the Kunstenfestivaldesarts with the first part of a diptych dedicated to the loss of childhood. Monelle is based on a work by Marcel Schwob, a French writer who was close to the symbolists. Consisting of three parts with distinct literary forms - apocalyptic speech, a modern story and an account with romantic accents -, Le Livre de Monelle (1894) is a complex work whose central character is a "little prostitute" called Monelle. In her many incarnations, she represents the world of the disturbing period between childhood and adulthood, consciousness and unconsciousness, and purity and cruelty. Beyond the language, the multi-form aspect of the work is translated here by way of different stage mediums: lighting, the projection of fixed and moving images, the live processing of sound and image and live music. Monelle is played by two adult actors and two young girls, all of whom share a similar body type. When the beauty of childhood is found just as it is being lost....

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